This month in automotive innovation: atlatec news

News from TuSimple, Motional, New Flyer, AIMotive, and MathWorks

Hanna Auseyenka
February 28, 2021 0 Comment

as usual, at the end of the month the atlatec team prepares for you a short overview of the automotive news that we found the most interesting. Enjoy the summary […]

This month in automotive innovation: atlatec news

News from GM, Rivian, and Mobileye: your monthly automotive briefing

Hanna Auseyenka
February 2, 2021 0 Comment

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and had a good start into 2021. As we already approached the end of the first month of this year, let’s look back […]

atlatec hd maps

Atlatec – a year at a glance

Hanna Auseyenka
December 17, 2020 1 Comment

As we are slowly approaching the end of the year, it is time to look back. Yes, 2020 has not been easy for anyone – we hope your friends and […]

atlatec scenario-based testing

Scenario-based simulation: Combining HD maps and real-world traffic data

Tom Dahlström
December 8, 2020 0 Comment

If you work in the ADAS/Autonomous Vehicles field, you are probably familiar with HD maps – virtual recreations of real-world roads including their 3D profile, driving rules, inter-connectivity of lanes […]

News from Daimler Trucks, Waymo, Volvo Trucks, Honda, and atlatec: your monthly automotive briefing

Hanna Auseyenka
November 30, 2020 0 Comment

November has been quite an eventful month not only for automotive industry, but also for atlatec. We are happy to announce that our HD maps are compatible with one more simulation […]

atlatec carla simulation

Atlatec joined forces with TrianGraphics to Create 3D Visualization of San Francisco HD maps

Hanna Auseyenka
November 24, 2020 2 Comments

A free sample data set is now available for download Karlsruhe, Germany — Bringing the real world into autonomous vehicle/ADAS simulations while maintaining a high level of accuracy and fidelity […]

atlatec hd maps simulation

Mapflix for Simulation

Hanna Auseyenka
November 20, 2020 2 Comments

Netflix is great. You browse the catalog and pick the movies you like. It takes minutes only. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap. Selecting a movie and start watching […]

atlatec cognata hd maps

Introducing atlatec HD Maps for Cognata

Hanna Auseyenka
November 17, 2020 3 Comments

There are a lot of differences of opinion in the autonomous vehicle space, but one thing everyone can agree on: Virtual training and validation of AV/ADAS systems and components are […]

News from Tesla, Waymo, Cruise, Lynk & Co. and atlatec: your monthly automotive briefing

Hanna Auseyenka
October 30, 2020 0 Comment

Another month over – and while Covid-19 seems to be flaring up again all over the world, it’s not the only news out there: The automotive industry, which was hit […]

atlatec hd map topview

How Accurate Are HD Maps for Autonomous Driving and ADAS Simulation?

Hanna Auseyenka
October 22, 2020 0 Comment

In our mission to create digital twins of real world roads, our team at atlatec has taken on a number of HD Mapping projects all over the world, delivering HD […]