This month in automotive innovation: atlatec news

News from TRI-AD, DMP/Ushr, VW, Daimler, Waymo and more: Automotive Innovations in March 2020

Tom Dahlström
March 31, 2020 0 Comment

This month has definitely been special for all of us, as we’ve entered uncharted territory – personally, as a society at large and as contributors to global business and the […]

atlatec wins TechAD Europe award

atlatec wins Tech.AD Europe award for scenario database

Tom Dahlström
March 24, 2020 0 Comment

Earlier this month, atlatec was presented with the Tech.AD Europe 2020 award, taking home 1st price in the category “Most advanced real-life testing & simulation techniques in autonomous driving”. The […]

This month in automotive innovation: atlatec news

News from Lyft, Aptiv, Hyundai, Canoo, Tesla and more: February 2020 in Automotive

Tom Dahlström
February 28, 2020 0 Comment

Another month over! This one was rather travel-intense for me; and there was a lot to be seen all over. Here’s some news from the automotive industry that stuck out […]

This month in automotive innovation: atlatec news

News from Mercedes-Benz/smart, Geely, Waymo, GM/Cruise and Argo.AI: January 2020 in Automotive

Tom Dahlström
January 30, 2020 0 Comment

A happy belated new year to you! 2020 has certainly seen a very dynamic start, with a number of impactful news – so much so, that you might have missed […]

atlatec at Tech.AD Detroit

atlatec @ Tech.AD USA: November 16 – 17 2020, Detroit

Tom Dahlström
January 29, 2020 0 Comment

One last trip to Motor City to close the year: We’ll return to Detroit for the local Tech.AD USA conference.

atlatec at Novi Testing Expo

atlatec @ Testing Expo Novi: October 27 – 29 2020, Novi/Detroit

We’re coming back for more: atlatec will exhibit at 2020’s Novi Testing Expo – or, more accurately, at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, held in parallel. See you there!

atlatec at Apply & Innovate

atlatec @ IPG Apply & Innovate: September 22 -23 2020, Karlsruhe

Another good opportunity for users of IPG software to connect with its makers and other simulation engineers and similar innovators: Apply & Innovate, the “Expert Forum for Virtual Test Driving”. […]

atlatec at DSC

atlatec @ DSC/Driving Simulation Conference: September 9 – 11 2020, Antibes

With so many good conversations at last year’s conference in Strasbourg, we’re obviously coming back for DSC 2020 in Antibes! Join us on the exhibition floor in Southern France to […]

atlatec at AVS

atlatec @ AVS/Autonomous Vehicles Symposium: July 27 – 30 2020, San Diego

We’ll brace the summer heat in SoCal to exhibit at this year’s AVS in San Diego. If you’re equally daring and would like to toast us with a cool drink, […]

atlatec at Testing Expo Europe

atlatec @ Testing Expo Europe: June 16 – 18 2020, Stuttgart

We will be exhibiting and presenting at Stuttgart’s Testing Expo Europe – or, to be precise, at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, which is held in parallel at the same […]